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Gas Mixing System, Flow Through Oxygen Sensor (GMS-5002)

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The Gas Mixing System (GMS-5002) is a flow-through O2 sensor providing fast oxygen readings from 0% to 25%. 

Used in tandem with our Dual Flow Meter, it is ideal for accurately mixing custom O2 concentrations for hypoxic culture environments or where special pre-mixed gases are expensive or unavailable. 

The GMS-5002’s oxygen sensor, measures ambient oxygen partial pressure (pO2). Internal pressure, temperature & humidity sensors enable the GMS-5002 to integrate these additional sensor readings and convert the pO2 reading to an oxygen percentage (%O2) as seen on the display. 

The integrated solid-state sensors does not need replacement or re-calibration like conventional electro-chemical or galvanic sensors. The readings are factory calibrated to compensate for ambient temperature, pressure and humidity, enabling accurate operation over a wide environmental range. The system is easy to operate, very stable and robust, does not contain hazardous materials and has negligible cross sensitivity to other gases (e.g. CO2 and N2).

The GMS-5002 is battery (9V) powered. Warrantied for 1 year.

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