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Modular Oxygen Monitor + CO2 (MOM+CO2)

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The Modular Oxygen Monitor + CO2 (MOM+CO2) sensor is an environmental monitoring device, designed to be placed inside the Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101) as well as conventional cell culture incubators. It features an OLED display as well as onboard data logging and remote wireless access of its integrated gas (O2 & CO2), temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

MOM+CO2 is designed to operate in the harsh high-humidity environment of tissue culture incubators. It features revolutionary solid-state sensors for gas monitoring, eliminating the constant maintenance and re-calibration required by conventional electrochemical and galvanic sensors (for oxygen monitoring) and incandescent IR sensors (for carbon dioxide). The MOM+CO2 is factory calibrated with NIST certified gases for temperature, pressure and humidity and will not need re-calibration under normal conditions.

It has flexible operating modes, ranging from a rapid data acquisition mode for real-time gas mixing to a low-power mode, waking up on a configurable schedule, allowing for long term data acquisition.

MOM+CO2 uses industry standard 802.11 WiFi wireless technology for remote monitoring. Multiple units can pair with a separate Data Aggregator Module which allows remote data logging and instant network access to live as well as logged data via a web browser or by API. In labs without wireless networking, it can be configured as a direct Access Point, allowing laptops and mobile devices to connect directly to it. An API is available upon request for custom applications.

Its safe LiFePO4 battery technology, developed by the University of Texas, can support from >24 hours in continuous rapid data acquisition mode to over a week at normal data logging rates.

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